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First swipe at an iPhone, courtesy Steve Jobs

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Here’s a link to my Newsweek commentary, which talks about the iPhone and my post-keynote interview with the CEO of Apple, Inc.


  • I’m curious… Did you have any inkling going into the interview what you would be seeing? Did you suspect? Was it just another assignment from the desk?

  • Since the keynote was over by then, I knew exactly what I would be seeing! But I didn’t have a prebriefing about the iPhone before the event. And since I normally cover Apple for Newsweek, the Macworld keynote was something that I naturally knew I was going to cover.

  • What do you think will happen to the ringtone market once people figure out how to turn their itunes into ringers? Jobs says it will cost them but I think if you already own the song why can’t you use it as your ringtone also?

  • There’s news running around the mill on top of the iTunes Producer release this week that DRM restrictions on some iTunes purchases might be optional for those of us who supply music and spoken word files for sale through the iTunes store.

    I’m not suggesting that DRM is the reason for no iTunes ringers. However, it stands to reason Apple could do whatever they wanted short of getting crosswise with their license to the sound files. If DRM and reuse is an impediment… perhaps that just became less of an issue… *perhaps*

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