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Stupid Blogger Tricks

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Lots of bloggers are smart. Some are experts with ideas that illuminate a subject. Some do good reporting.

And there there are some that are so lazy that… well, consider this. There’s a site called Mac Complainer that apparently disses Apple on a persistent basis. They used the three reviews of the Macbook Air that appeared yesterday — all three of which, including mine, were positive with some reservations — as apparent evidence that the Air was foul. Here is the level of criticism.

It’s practically unanimous: MacBook Air sucks. Apple hasn’t sucked in a long time but it sucks now, resoundingly. Steven Levy’s review for Newsweek is the nail in MBA’s coffin: “These omissions are troubling–especially to someone in a down-turning economy deciding whether to spend a premium sum for a computer with subpremium storage. Still, simply using the MacBook Air, as I’m doing right now in writing this review, is rather copasetic.” Anyone know what copasetic means?

Ten seconds on Google would have supplied the answer to that question. The freedictionary.com would have told this person that copasetic is not a perjorative, but means “totally satisfactory.” Adding to this comedy of boneheadedness is that the comment got picked up on Digg, with the headline “Newsweek’s Steven Levy says using Macbook Air is ‘Copasetic,’ with an explanation that “Steven Levy is only one of the major reviewers that dislikes MacBook Air.” Why? Because I said that using it is a “copasetic” experience! Help!

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