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What were the best tech stories of 2006?

Friday, January 26th, 2007

I’ve agreed to edit the next version of Best Technology Writing, an annual compendium of the top journalism in the field, published by the University of Michigan Press. (They have a new imprint called “Digital Culture.”) The is is a torch passed to me by Brendan Koerner, who did an exemplary job editing the premier book in this series.

So now I’m asking for your help. The good people at Michigan are collecting nominees for the best writing on tech subjects in the year just passed. This could include magazine, newpaper or online articles and columns, and certainly includes blog postings. Don’t think of “tech” too narrowly– I won’t! Ideally, though, the choices will be grokable by a general audience, and no longer than 5000 words. So please rack your brains and scan your memory circuits to recall the best stuff you saw–or maybe even wrote yourself.

The place to send your nominees is here. In addition, feel free to post your faves in the comments area below. But be sure to fill out the nomination form in that previous link. The nomination deadline is February 11.To get the best book possible I’d like to cast a net as wide as, well, the net. It would be great if you bloggers who read this would get your readers in on the hunt, and perhaps have some fun discussing some of the tech writing in 2006 that changed your thinking, told a great story, or simply was great journalism or commentary.


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