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Beatles finally on iTunes?

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

Just got an invite to an EMI press conference in London on Monday for “a new digital offering.”

Special guest for the event? Steve Jobs.
Don’t think I’ll make it in person but I’ll be watching the webcast at 8 am NY time.
EMI, btw, is the Beatles record label.

April Fool watch: Yes, this came on the day of hoaxes, but if it really does look legit. Comes from the proper EMI pr guy, doesn’t go over the top by spilling the beans, etc. If it is a joke, it’s brilliant but my gut says genuine.

UPDATE.  It’s not the Beatles.  EMI is the first major label to agree to sell songs DRM free, at higher quality.  It will cost about 30 percent more for these when you buy a single track, though when you buy an album you get the better-sounding, no DRM version automatically.

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