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The Mugging, One Year Later (Almost)

Monday, April 28th, 2008

I was waiting my turn in the satellite studio at Fox on Sunday — to talk about microtargeting — when I noticed that the woman currently on camera looked familiar. Yes! It was Laura Ingel, who I hadn’t seen until the day of the iPhone release last June. It was Laura who was interviewing me live on Fox in front of the Apple Store on 58th Street when some crazy dude slipped behind us, grabbed the mike from her, and took off. He was quickly taken down by the cameraman, and got busted. Everybody was a bit shaken but Laura, a total pro, gathered herself in an instant and restarted our interview.

I tried to explain this to the pleasant production assistant who was in charge of me, and realized that I had the perfect audio-visual aid, my iPhone. I called up the YouTube video of the mugging and impressed the newsroom. When Laura was done her hit, she greeted me like an old friend and told me that she was following the case against the mugger. Apparently, he was charged with a felony and has gone through two lawyers.

She says that in part because of the incident, she’s avoided getting an iPhone. Or is she just waiting for 3G? Anyway, she wrote a sweet blog item about our reunion.

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