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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Been a bit tied up at Newsweek, so haven’t been posting here much. Sorry.

I can immodestly point you to what’s been tying me up lately. I’d been working on and off since the beginning of the year for a piece about Y Combinator, which provided a window into the startup culture of Silicon Valley today. It was a blast hanging out with Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston there, as well as the wonderful founders of the companies they were seeding. The interesting controversy that rose from this had to do with my observation that almost of them were in their twenties, and that youth ruled in the Valley these days. I didn’t get it in the story, but one of the interesting things that happened during my research was that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook spoke at a Y Combinator event and claimed that when hiring, he will always go with people who are technical and young. Glad I’m not applying for a job there!
Also, I have a column about MySpace and the focus of its founders, who seem to dismiss stories of users going to Facebook and talk more about being the next great media company.

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