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Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

At the D Conference, Steve Jobs announced that Apple TV would now include a YouTube channel. I’m far from perfect in my calls, but this is something I nailed from the get go. Last September, when Jobs pre-announced the product as iTV, I asked, “Is it possible that when iTV ships next year, you may also be able to choose a menu item called Google Video, and then zip through the best of the thousands of user-submitted videos on the search giant’s service? Google’s consumer product chief, Marissa Mayer, tells me that indeed, the two companies are engaged in talks.” (This was just before Google snapped up YouTube.)

And when I reviewed the unit in March I described it as a work in progress, saying, “In the future I expect and hope that Apple will come up with lots of new developments here, maybe even channels where you can view YouTube and Google Video clips.”

If I don’t pat myself on the back, who will?

Incidentally, when I dug out the press release to make the link here I discovered something that Steve didn’t mention. Now you can buy an Apple TV with a 160 gig hard disk! Though I called that one too (“Look for bigger hard disks in the future—maybe even enough to use the device as a video recorder”), it is a difference maker in that now we’re talking enough storage for a hefty music collection and a pretty nice stack of videos that need watching. And what does this cost? A hundred bucks more. In other words, Apple TV is now a more useful $400 device, since no one who cares enough about media to buy a unit will want the severely cramped 40-gig drive version that goes for $300.

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