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Who Do You Trust? Who Do You Anti-Trust?

Friday, June 24th, 2011

I’ll weigh in later on with some views on the FTC’s now-confirmed probe of Google. For now, let me flick at just one data point. The author of Google’s blog item that acknowledged that it had received government subpoenas–and launched a general defense of Google practices–was not a lawyer. It was an engineer. Specifically, Amit Singhal, a world-class computer scientist who has been sort of the search quality guru at the company for a number of years. He is also utterly captivating when he describes the intricacies of Google’s algorithmic quest for relevant results. This may indicate the tenor of its eventual defense– Google is putting forward its face as data-driven, scientific, and non-judgmental in its treatment of search results.

Much more to come….


  • I hope among that which is ‘to come’ you could touch on the fact the Google’s results are protected (as speech) and discuss the ridiculous notion that Google is merely a traffic pump and isn’t allowed to generate answers on it’s property even though that is the future of search.

  • […] Levy seems to have taken his place as the non-Google Google guy in the media (due to the access he has been able to obtain), continuing to blog on the topic on his personal blog and can also been seen in a TechCrunchTV interview on YouTube. He is also giving interviews on Google’s future, particularly on the question of antitrust. […]

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