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The Epic Story Behind Google’s Social Plans

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

No, not here.

It’s here.

Close readers of IN THE PLEX could intuit that I had access to the team behind Emerald Sea, the codename for Google’s social product. It wasn’t done when the book was, so I couldn’t share the details. The essential components are out today, so I was finally able to tell the story behind what is now called Google+.

In one sense, following up on this to deliver the long story I dropped today was a great way to gently decompress after my immersion into Google for the book. I still had a reason to go on campus and talk to a team of Googlers and see what they were up to.

So will it succeed? Depends on a lot. But from the start I was surprised at the degree of urgency in this project. There was a lot of twists and turns before today and undoubtedly there will be more. And I’ll keep watching.


  • Don’t expect that they will just seat down and watch!

    They are in constant cooking something bigger and exciting!

    Google still rules the online world!!

  • It will be interesting to see how Facebook react to the Google challenge, expect to see a shift in their permissions and perhaps a move towards the ‘circles’ functionality.

  • Isnt there a simple explanation of what is this Google + for? Im a simple persona and personal trainer, and newbie on SEO living in Argentina… I added the G+ on my website in case it helps for PR or the like. Ive 3 already but really a lot more to learn from my parts

  • During the conference call explaining this purchase, Google send some mixed signals as to what it would do with Mobility. … should be sent

  • Sorry, it was for this story : Why the Motorola Mobility Deal is like the Google Book Search Settlement

  • Google is the most epic thing ever

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