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Saturday, August 4th, 2007

I’ve been a way for a while, and somehow the month of July has gone by without an entry. Didn’t even get a chance to comment on the notorious iPhone mugging, where I reportedly had someone attempt to swipe my iPhone (as opposed to swiping a finger on a screen to advance a menu or go to the next photo). As you can see on YouTube, it was some weirdly motivated soul trying to grab the mike from the intrepid reporter, Laura Ingle. Turns out he didn’t like Fox News, her employer.

I did have some comments on the iPhone world, though, writing a column about why everyone got so crazy about this gadget. And I’m still using the iPhone.

Oh, and in The Perfect Thing news, I just got my first copies of the paperback edition, which means it will be ready for delivery soon if you order it now. So for those waiting for that bargain, bendable edition–with a new afterword!– the wait is over!

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