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MP3 Player looks like an iPhone!

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

During my travels last month I was at a Chinese electronics market (don’t you love stories that start like that) I saw a pretty interesting item–an MP3 player with an interface and shape that were clearly, ahem, influenced by a certain new product from Apple. It’s not a phone at all, no camera, and doesn’t connect to the Internet. But it does have a touch screen (not terribly sensitive) that lets you choose between apps like music, videos (not bad quality), and even some stuff the iPhone doesn’t have like radio and recording audio. Price was uncertain–the young lady here asked for something less than $80, and some people in my traveling group got it for maybe $60, but harder bargaining could almost certainly gotten it lower.

Of course I pulled out my still-fairly-novel iPhone, which was really novel in China, and caused quite a stir. The vendors at the booth wanted to buy it from me! Though it would have been fun to reverse-negotiate with those experts, I held on to the thing.

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  • Well i agree on your information, but dont you think $60 for a mp3 player is more than its real cost. As you say you are visiting to china than it is really costly as the Chinese electronic market is really cheap and you can buy MP4 Music player, ipods etc at very low price from there .

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