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Meet the Beatles — Not

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007


Funny story about another soul fooled by the prospect of a Beatles-iTunes deal in last week’s iPod announcement. It certainly was clear to those who were at the event that we would not be seeing Sir Paul perform, when Steve J’s examples in his demos were very heavy on John Lennon solo work, and at one point he even gushed how much he loved John.

This reminded me of a conversation I had with Steve last January after the Macworld Expo event where he introduced the iPhone. I tell this story in the afterword to my paperback edition of The Perfect Thing, which is now available. There was a lot of talk about a Beatles announcement back then, too, and Jobs’s demos had several Beatle songs in them. But no Paul. After the show in our interview, Steve was showing me something on Apple TV, and it was playing that new Beatles “Love” album. Steve mentioned how much he liked it. I asked him whether it was a dream of his that one day after a keynote or product launch, he would be able to bring out Paul McCartney to perform. “No,” he said deadpan. “My dream would be to bring out John Lennon.”

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