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I’m iPod–fly me!

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

If you thought Apple would stay silent during Zune’s big day, think again. Check out the press relase that just moved from Apple:

Apple(R) today announced it is teaming up with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United to deliver the first seamless integration between iPod(R) and in-flight entertainment systems. These six airlines will begin offering their passengers iPod seat connections which power and charge their iPods during flight and allow the video content on their iPods to be viewed on the their seat back displays.

It’s a not terribly subtle reminder that criticial mass can yield all sorts of cool consequences, and that only one MP3 player has that critical mass. It will be a very neat perk to take a long flight, listen to music and watch video, and leave with your battery fully charged. What’s more, when this is implemented (press release says beginning mid-2007; that sounds pretty optimistic), it will make downloading movies on iTunes a lot more attractive to people who are about to take such flights. No battery worries about watching even two or three flicks on the iPod–and if you get to view it on the seat-screen, that’s even better!

The press release did not mention whether there will be an extra charge for this service. I’ll try to find out later today and update.

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